Happy Birthday Twitter!!

Happy Birthday Twitter!!

Happy Birthday Twitter






Twitter turns 10 today… the Preteen of social media is breaking all of the boundaries and playing with the big boys now.

On the March 21, 2006, Jack Dorsey sent the first public tweet into the world “just setting up my twttr”. Since then this platform gained worldwide popularity with 1.3 billion users, 320 million of which are active.

So what was it that gave this platform such success…

1. It talks – You can have and find a conversation about anything and everything. This chatty platform is full of great content for both consumers and businesses. Other platforms share news, give answers or even job opportunities… Twitter does this all and it’s fresh.

2. 24/7 – If you are anything like me, then your phone is never far away it is always there… in my hand, my bedside table or on my desk. With the likes of all social media channels, engagement with the consumer never stops after all it is called social. When consumers communicate they expect a two-way dialogue and personalised ads relevant to their needs, no matter what the time… we are living in a 24/7 market. Twitter delivers this with fresh content in real time, all the time. Fun Fact for you… There are 7,000 tweets every second.

3. ROI – As with most Marketing Managers I need to measure the financial return form my time and activity on social media. As with most things the value and return from using social media can be hard to quantify. However our friends at Twitter allow us to measure our engagement which is an extremely important KPI for marketers. This metric can be one of the best ways to demonstrate the success of your campaigns in conjunction with your brand’s activity.

4. Advertising – We lead busy lives, always on the move, we don’t have much time for ourselves let alone seeing brands and adverts that mean nothing to us or are not of interest. The modern consumer that I like to call the iGeneration has very narrow interests, which is why it is more important now than ever to know your consumer and build a profile on them. It is scary the sheer amount of information we share with marketers for them to have at their fingertips.

5. Consumer Power – Many say that knowledge is power… with twitter and other social platforms as consumers we now have access to endless amounts of knowledge. Your customers are out there and digital media gives them a chance access to so much more in a much more powerful way. Giles Rhys Jones sums it up impeccably – “People talk to each other, they always have… however they are no longer talking to a group of 4 or 5 in the pub. They are now talking to thousands”.

6. Connections – When have we ever been so close to the people, who inspire us, lead us or even keep us entertained? Many people follow hundreds if not thousands of people on Twitter because it allows us as general individuals to become a part of something bigger be a part of someone else’s day. Just look at Obama’s 2012 victory tweet which was retweeted over 660,000 times and is still going… Social media allowed every single person to feel like we were part of that moment.

7. SEO – After years of a love/hate relationship between Twitter and Google, the two are now friends and influencing the search engine results. It’s worth noting that for those currently thinking “how does that work?” as always great content with key words and it gets a lot of social engagement.

8. Open Platform – Twitter is obviously a public platform, but this just means that you can share more. A simple good morning or even good night allows people to keep up or stay it touch and something like that is quite unique in today’s fast paced society.

9. On Brand – What a better place to promote your brand! Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. Twitter lets you show your brand everyone one interaction at a time. Using emotion in tweets also allows people to see another side… see what excited you, your peeves and shows that you live and breathe your values.

10. 140 Characters – No long sentences or in depth paragraphs… cut to the chase with only 140 characters at a time. As a result, you are forced to be clear and concise. Twitter really tests an individual’s ability to be a great writer while still getting the message across quickly.

So it’s been a remarkable 10 years of Hashtagging, Tweeting and Following.

What do the next 10 hold? There have been rumours flying around in the last six months such as introducing an algorithmic feed and of course removing the character limit of 140 characters. Twitter has always adapted and grown with the launch periscope, advertising and even down to change the favourites button from a star to a heart. As a platform Twitter has shaped itself around the consumer and I imagine it will continue to do so… but then again you never know who is safe in the social world… have you heard from Bebo or Google+ lately?


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