Social Meltdown Averted

Sometimes your creativity just stops… you are staring at your screen ready to tweet and nothing comes to you. Hey, don’t worry it happens to the best of us!

This short blog has the answer, and I promise that you will never run out of social content again.

It’s as simple as A,B,C or even Monday to Friday…

Monday – Use humour – Share a comic, phrase, GIF or humorous image… make your audience laugh.

Social MeltdownAVERTED
Tuesday – Interaction – the whole idea about social media is to be social…. so ask a question, best caption contest, quiz or blank space in a sentence… it may take a while to gain the momentum but people will start to engage.

Wednesday – Current News – Share some positive news, this could be about the industry, your business, clients or the local community.

Thursday – Give back – Feature customers, testimonials, create a giveaway or announce new products. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture… just something that gives followers a level of value to their commitment.

Friday – BIG Ideas – Share expert advice from the industry or a share quote from someone…anyone.

Saturday – Education – Tell people about your product, the benefits, what it does and how they can involve this in their daily life. It could be getting out and doing something this weekend that will benefit them.

Sunday – Day in the life – AKA meet the team, feature an employee or give some insight into you… you are a real person and people buy people.

My top tips to go with this are schedule content up to a week in advance and always use something visual wherever you can.


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