BIG Impact with BIG Outdoor

As a country we struggle to stay in one place for too long, we are constantly on the move, and spending increasing amounts of time outside of our much loved homes.

Whilst we are moving through our daily lives we are in what we like to call ‘active space’. This is where our senses are heightened, we are alert, mobile and in buying mode with phone at hand and wallet in pocket. In fact, the second we step out of our front door we are 33% more alert than on the other side of the threshold.

As we move through our daily lives we, often subconsciously, take note of the advertising we see… on a bus or telephone box, on large posters in the city centre… in fact ‘Out of Home’ aka OOH is one of the most memorable forms of media. OOH media is everywhere in different formats, a huge 96 sheet poster on the ring road of our local town or 6 sheets by the doors at our local shopping centre. When billboards are used with ingenious creativity they can spark excitement, inspire emotions, stop us in our tracks and create lasting visual impact.

6-sheet posters are everywhere you want to be, on the high streets, at the local supermarket, in the community, pubs and bars nationwide. With more than 46,000 panels, they are the perfect creative canvas for advertisers to target us throughout the UK. Much larger 48- and 96-sheets deliver the high-impact campaigns in the public spaces of our lives. With more than 4,500 panels, as well as Mega billboards, banners and digital screens, these boards are in densely populated areas and streets. It is the perfect medium to reach millions of people on the move usually in two weeks campaign multiples.

Touchpoint data proves that OOH is in the top 3 most accessible media channels for every single hour of the average consumer day. In fact, OOH is the number 1 most accessible media channel for 10 of the 18 hours of our waking day. That means that out-of-home reigns supreme for 55% of the average consumer’s day. Phew!






Over the last year some of the biggest players such as Clear Channel, Primesight and JCDecaux have invested £19m into the industry. In February 2013 big data came to town when a system called Route was released. This GPS inventory software allows brands unique audience insight and understanding of all audiences in terms of demographics, lifestyle and attitudes. Route gives marketers unprecedented understanding of how people go about day to day lives however, it is not only about what the go past but about what they actually see. This system is simply incredible even down to the account of how people are travelling, the vehicles speed and direction of travel… scarily impressive I know!

Outdoor is not only a way to target your consumers at the heart of their community but it also allows businesses to communicate with them as OOH grows and develops. Innovation is happening and OOH is at the front of this with improved infrastructure, investment into the industry and migration into the digital era. It’s allowing business to get creative with cutting-edge technology, and engage personally with consumers. OOH may be one of the world’s oldest advertising mediums, but it is now fully claiming its place in the digital century.

Benefits to making OOH a part of your media mix

• Brand Builders – Out-of-home advertising is ideal for generating awareness and enriching the perception and credibility of a brand.
• Break away from the norm –
• Attention – Through multiple formats sizes, out-of-home advertising demands attention and creates impact. Unlike many other advertising channels it can stand-alone.
• Speak to your audience – Outdoor media gets in to the real life of the audience and speaks to a broad demographic. However, don’t think you cant be targeted also; location, format and frequency of your out-of-home advertising enables you to pinpoint a specific demographic.
• Value of audience – In the right locations, there is a huge frequency of views and for audiences to spot the key messages. The ability to achieve high reach and frequency in an area means it offers a low cost per thousand.
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Tips and Tricks on doing OOH the right way

• Keep the message simple and clear.
• Use large and strong fonts.
• Ensure that you follow the location’s rules and regulations (different cities have different requirements around OOH).
• Be bold in creativity, concept, and design—you need to cut through visual clutter.
• Coordinate your marketing and advertising and carry the OOH campaign messages through other marketing and advertising tactics.

Some fun facts for you to take away…

• Men see 10% more OOH than women
• Single people see 28% more OOH than married people
• We see 30% more OOH on a Monday than any other day of the week
• 21% expect to be able to interact with advertising in the future wherever they see it.
• Bus shelters hit 95% of the population, delivering 5.3 billion impacts every fortnight
• 99% of the adult population will see an Outdoor ad every fortnight
• Transport advertising is the commuter channel par excellence being 45% more likely to reach ABC1 men
• Billboards deliver 4 billion impacts every fortnight, reaching 89% of the country
• Transport advertising delivers 6.4 billion impacts every fortnight.
• 99% of the adult population will see an Outdoor ad every fortnight
• Did you know OOH delivers 10.2 billion impacts every week?


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