Changes at Bauer Media… simple as 1,2,3

You may have noticed something different when listening to your local Bauer station. The media group have recently gone through a complete multi platform rebrand throughout their portfolio of 50 radio stations across the country.

All media platforms are constantly changing and radio is certainly no stranger to this ever-evolving market and audience. The story of media has been one of constant adaption and growth, from the first infant stations to todays’ strong networks.

Radio is no longer just in the home or in the car. Listeners are far more engaged now, listening across phones, computers, tablets, TV’s, the list goes on and on. Digital offerings are growing hugely across radio too. 22% of adults say they listen to radio via a mobile phone or tablet at least once a month. That’s up 38% year on year! Bauer Media for one are certainly investing heavily in this market as part of their ongoing strategic plans. Did you know that they own ten of the top 16 digital stations in the UK?

What we are getting at is that visual identity, the look, the feel and the way people interact is more important now than it has ever been for local radio stations. So rather than many different logos, different colours and out dated visuals, Bauer have developed a clean, clear and versatile, brand unification. One blue print and logo across all platforms mirrors their brand and identity in the local market place.



Their creative approach has been based on connecting with the listener under the heading – “CLOSER TO YOU”. Communicating with the audience however the audience chooses to receive their communications.

So what’s particularly new now?

Bauer have expanded their digital offering, transformed Magic stations into a national radio brand and introduced new younger-focused stations to their regional portfolio.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 15.15.03And what does this mean for listeners and advertisers?

Bauer Media’s Place network of 16 regional stations, including Viking FM in Hull. Hallam FM in Sheffield and Key 103 in Manchester, have maintained their local positioning and brands but you may now notice the shiny new logo and design bringing their “Your music, your life” message to the fore. These stations target a 25-44 year old audience and reflect the lives of listeners, truly connecting with the daily and local broadcasting.

The second station in their local markets (which many will have known as Magic) are now rebranded as the sister station to the core brand. For example you now have Viking 2, Hallam 2 and Key 2. These are all playing “The Hits” to an older 45 to 64 year-old audiences.

The biggest change, however, comes with the launch of the third digital stations (Viking 3, Hallam 3 and Key 3) targeting a younger audience. These stations are networked, with local branding and some local content to feel regional.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 11.09.28

If you would like to discuss radio advertising or any other media channels for your business, or would like some advice on how to grow your brand through advertising, have a chat with our team today. Be it television, print, outdoor, digital, radio and other digital platforms, we create unbiased campaigns to deliver tangible results.

Here’s our full rundown to what has just changed:


96.9 Viking FM = Viking FM
Magic 1161 = Viking 2
The Hits Radio = Viking 3

96.3 Radio Aire = Radio Aire
Magic 828 = Radio Aire 2
The Hits Radio = Radio Aire 3

Radio City 96.7 = Radio City
Magic 1548 = Radio City 2
The Hits Radio = Radio City 3
CityTalk 105.9 stays the same

Key 103 = Key 103
Magic 1152 = Key 2
The Hits Radio = Key 3

Magic 1170 = TFM 2
The Hits Radio = TFM 3

Metro Radio = Metro Radio
Magic 1152 = Metro Radio 2
The Hits Radio = Metro Radio 3

97.4 Rock FM = Rock FM
Magic 999 = Rock FM 2
The Hits Radio = Rock FM 3

Hallam FM = Hallam FM
Magic AM = Hallam 2
The Hits Radio = Hallam 3

Clyde 1 = Clyde 1
Clyde 2 = Clyde 2
The Hits Radio = Clyde 3

Forth One = Forth One
Forth 2 = Forth 2
The Hits Radio = Forth 3

Tay FM = Tay FM
Tay AM = Tay 2
The Hits Radio = Tay 3

NorthSound 1 = Northsound 1
NorthSound 2 = Northsound 2

MFR 2 = MFR 2
The Hits Radio = MFR 3

96.7 West FM = West FM
West Sound = Westsound

Radio Borders stays the same

West Sound FM stays the same (already part of ‘Greatest Hits’ network)


Superbowl Commercials 2015 – Estie’s Top Three

While the other half was obsessed with the game Super Bowl XLIX is all about the commercials for me…

Priced $4.5 million for a 30-second spot this Superbowl Sunday, It would appear that brands also love this prized advert break.

As always you get the great USA brands pulling out the big guns such as Budweiser and Microsoft… but sadly they didn’t make the cut in my Top 3 list.

Dodge were always going to come into their own this centenarian year… and that they did year with it being. Our elders have seen things we could only imagine, gained wisdom we are yet to discover… so it is always important to respect them and listen to knowledge passed on.

For their Super Bowl XLIX commercial, Dodge decided to recruit some pretty awesome centenarians to drop some wisdom on all of our collective heads. Heed the advice of the elderly when they tell you to never “bitch” and to “live fast!”

I liked where Fiat 500 were going with the lowbrow humour… they came out with a bit of a joke with an elderly old couple. Titled ‘The FIAT Blue Pill’ my mind began to wander just as did the viagra-type pill when it fell in the gas tank of a Fiat and it grew bigger. That’s the joke and I loved it

Dove really are great at baring all, to capture passion and emotion… and once again they have done it. This advert could turn even the most heartless human into jelly.

The clips of dads sharing moments with their kids, it is just amazing, you will be watching it over and over again.