Some companies Tweet, Some Pin and Some Tag… but these are doing it exceptionally

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 13.16.01Social media is a world of hashtags, followers and pinning… an incredible figure of 73% of all Internet users are active on social media. However you would be wrong in thinking that it is only the youngsters playing online… 60% of 50+ age bracket are busying engaging online like the rest of us.

So how do you catch their attention, communicate with them and most importantly build a connection with them… EASY… get to know them.

Social Media marketers say they know who their customers are, but most have never have tried to find out what is important to them.

76% of marketers say they know what their customer’s want, but only 34% have actually asked them.

The biggest mistake is to think you know your followers and feed them irrelevant content… don’t treat them like idiots… they are most likely to know your brand and watch it closer than you do.

When you hand your social media over to someone else, make sure they know your company, your values and your vision as well as you do.

Here is a list of some of my favourite players on social media…

  1. Innocent Smoothies – Easily the funniest brand on twitter… they always create relevant, yet funny content which envokes engagement. With great campaigns like Big Knit and brilliant banter… you can’t help but fall in love with every tweet or post… i dare you to resist.
  2. Visit Britain – I love this brand because they know what people want and they give it… they use incredible visuals to inspire and communicate on an international level.
  3. Movember – This brand had to be here because it is a great charity and I am a lover of everything facial hair. They have created an engaging social community across multiple platforms, and then use the user generated content… BRILLIANT! It is something that everyone can get involved in personal or business with #mobro and #mosister
  4. Disney – Who couldn’t love Disney to be fair? They set the standards on Facebook with over 49 million. They share images; quizzes, quotes and everything that makes you feel like a 5-year-old child again. Don’t blame me if you get addicted and start singing “A whole new world”.
  5. Fosters Beer – Where else would you turn for that much needed man advice. They are consistent with the brand, the partnerships they have and the message… it is always a #GoodCall. You need to be 18 to view the website… so don’t be cheating!
  6. Lad Bible – If you haven’t heard of this site then where have you been hiding? It is completely chauvinistic and I love it… they don’t take themselves too seriously and they know what people want. Once again it is a great brand that use user generated content… why not enter your own Lad story #sociallad

Above all of this it is important to be clear and consistent across multiple channels with your followers… let them get involved and feel part of something.