Hey, Its ok…

In the world we live in people will also want to say their bit and give you some well meaning advice… but don’t be alarmed if you are still learning the etiquette of business dinners or the dreaded hand shake…

You are you and that is the most important thing, people buy people so why not try something really scary and try being yourself in business. Everyone is unique, with their own thumb print, culture, and family… The moment you realise this is what makes you exceptional is the moment you will realise that it’s actually ok to be different…

Hey, Its ok…

  • To seek support and ask for help
  • To make mistakes… you are only human
  • To take calculated risk
  • To make up your own acceptance speech for the one day that you WILL win that business award
  • To have a sneaky peek at your emails on holiday, Or not… you decide
  • To disagree with something or someone… your morals and values will carry you far, know who you are and what you stand for
  • To think about what your fancy for lunch… straight after breakfast
  • To not know the social media lingo, what does #tbt even mean??
  • To practice what you will say in the big presentation, out loud to yourself, in the sandwich queue
  • To let your clients find out about you – shocking that you are real people
  • To have your fantasy football league as your home page… boys will be boys
  • To have a pair of heels stashed under your desk just incase of an emergency meeting (i know you are nodding)

But it is certainly not ok…

  • To think you know everything and make that thought known
  • Addressing those in authority inappropriately… Respect is earned
  • Always be negative… it gets people down and people will get bored pretty quickly
  • Announce everything on social media… nobody really wants to know about your delicious bagel or annoying driver in front.

Modern marketer – Scientist or Artist

Data is rapidly changing the face of marketing as it once was. Companies are embracing the change and accepting that good data makes good marketing. Using this data allows businesses to enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns so they can target who you are, what you are like and how you engage. 

Data image

There are endless sources readily available to get a little bit of useful information on individuals including Twitter, Facebook, Census, Google even mobile phones data… We are living in a fully immersed and interactive society. Lets not also forget the data that companies source straight from you… many big brands are using their own information to find out about you. Tesco, Compare the market, Amazon and Love Film are fine examples. They are all smart cookies who know everything about you from how often you fill you car up, how many cars in your family, what films or books you like what products you buy and at what intervals.

Jonny Ross tells us in his blog  “The BIG issue of Big Data” that companies aren’t short on data. With the average large business storing more than 200 terabytes they have more than enough data to tell them who is buying their product, as well as how, when and where the buying happens.”

Yes, data marketing is impressive and it allows companies to deliver marketing messages to specific target markets as well as refining the messages in effort to change the behaviour of each market and it can be cost effective to successfully reach each member of that market.

However can software or data capture emotion or a brand? Can it captivate and inspire your customers… will it stop them in their tracks? Marketer Geoff Ramm talks about OMG moments – Observational Marketing Greats – those moments where you come across something so amazing, so outlandish that you have to tell the world… you can only get that from truly creative thinking.

Creative image

Charles F. Adams, working with the Bauer and Greyser data in 1965, emphasized that of the 76 advertisements a day of which a person might be aware, only 12 made any kind of impression on him, and three of those impressions were negative.

In a world where individuals are exposed to over 3000 adverts a day amongst a mass of promotions and businesses, businesses have to go even further to be noticed. Everyone wants to be amazed and ‘wowed’, marketing teams are having to be even more creative and outgoing just to stand out in the daily wave of advertising.

A truly impressive and passionate marketer will be neither a scientist juggling numbers nor an artist with incredible vitality… they combine both, to create powerfully inspiring and yet audience targeted campaigns.

Combined image

Google has this down – they get your information but they also hold your creativity on a daily basis with their home page graphics. Facebook too allows businesses to interact with a chosen profile. However it is for the audience to decide what stands out and how they engage.

Taking all of this onboard, data and creativity cannot stand alone where marketing is concerned. Yes creativity is there to stop people in their tracks but the data positions where those tracks are and how they got there. Without one you cannot wholeheartly embrace the other and you cannot fully engage your audience.

Scientist or artist – here at Forward and Thinking we combine the two to make your advertising truly memorable.