World Cup 2014… It’s not just the taking part that counts

For England, World Cup mania came and went… the sweepstake was drawn and excitement continued building… but while some couldn’t wait for the football… I had my fun seeing all of the campaigns and adverts. Some of the big brands pulled it out of the bag with real excitement and imagination.

Vauxhall was the first to grab my attention this year with #standtogether… they pulled on the nations heart strings as they rallied the country to stand behind the team of 11 as a nation of millions… and for that I admire Vauxhall.

For the short amount of time that England stayed in the competition, the public were championed to stand together and believe in what our team could achieve… “We do not care for the name on the back, but for the three lions on the front”. Gone will be the club rivalries, because if there is one thing that we are good at that is being GREAT Britain and Vauxhall use this to an advantage… “you know what, we could win this.”

It created the emotion to appreciate the good feeling while it lasted.

I always expected great things from Nike they are after all the masters at this… they are what John Lewis is to Christmas… and this year was no exception.

A small kick about amongst friends where “winner stays on” suddenly takes to the pitch and a game of epic proportions… featuring the world’s best players and a marvel comic character… I will let you see it for yourself.

I love this as it gives a real engagement to the kids who play out at the park… for me it highlighted that you can go from a kick about to being a superstar… after all many of todays superstars started by kicking a ball around.

Here are some other great adverts



Coca Cola

So although England are out of the cup in the first stages… I have had my excitement and, to be fair, my sweepstake teams are still playing… so lets keep watching and see what amazement these big brands can pull out of the bag next.

Who said girls can’t enjoy football?